The Application Of 2-axis Marine Antenna In Mobile Communication Base Station

The application of 2-axis Marine Antenna in mobile communication base station

With the development of mobile communication, in order to provide higher quality web services, mobile operators have put forward the concept of full coverage and seamless coverage, increasing the investment in network construction. But the rise of the wireless base station and the two axis sea antennas has also brought a lot of negative problems.

1. The top of the urban buildings are densely packed with Marine antennas, especially in dense urban areas. According to statistics, there are tens of thousands of ocean antennas on the top 2 axis of buildings in Beijing, which affect the visual environment. At present, many cities have proposed the construction goal of "ecological city", the demand is higher and higher, the landscape of urban environment around the building at the top of the environment of many big cities have put forward the rectification Suggestions.

2, although the wireless network construction project in the design of the electromagnetic radiation can satisfy the requirement of the standard provisions of the state public exposure, but 2 bare shaft Marine antenna on the top of the building, will bring more and more pay attention to the residents of the "green" a kind of insecurity, cause them to produce conflict and even struggle to radio waves, which increases the difficulty of the construction of the wireless network.

3. The long time exposed to the 2 axis ocean antenna will affect the quality of communication, and also affect the life limit of the 2 axis ocean antenna.

2. The application of axial sea antenna

Last year, the fifth international conference on eco-city was held in shenzhen and adopted the shenzhen declaration of the eco-city, which made shenzhen more and more focused on urban environmental construction. Although the integrity of the ecological city is not only the pursuit of a beautiful environment, but as one of the world's ten garden city, as the further internationalization of shenzhen, the landscaping construction in urban areas will have higher requirements. At the same time, the residents in the modern city, whose awareness of green environmental protection has been enhanced, will be improved in the future.

We did test: will a 2-axis Marine Antenna erection of a day in the surface (not the opening of the 2-axis Marine Antenna), results in succession community residents in 2 axis sea reflect the antenna radiation to make them feel dizzy, resolutely opposed the construction base station 2-axis Marine Antenna in the neighborhood. It can be seen that residents have a strong resistance to electromagnetic radiation. But we Chinese have a saying: "no eyes are net", and the experiment above reflects the psychology of residents. It can be seen that it is a good idea to avoid the resistance of residents and reach the coverage effect.

Therefore, in the construction of the mobile communication base station of a certain operator in shenzhen, and the requirements of the environment, we propose a plan for the construction of a 2-axis Marine Antenna.

Marine antenna "so-called" two axis, can also be referred to as "disguise 2 axis sea antenna", namely in under the condition of not increasing the propagation loss, through various means of 2 axis sea antenna appearance of camouflage, modified to achieve the purpose of beautification, already beautification the visual environment of the city, also reduced the residents' fear of wireless electromagnetic environment and, at the same time also can extend the life of 2 axis of sea antenna, guarantee the quality of communication.