Motor Homes Antenna Characteristics And Types Of Car Antennas

 Motor Homes Antenna The characteristics and types of car antennas are used to intercept high-frequency radio waves from transmitters and transmit them to receivers for car radios, car phones or radio navigation devices for carrier demodulation.

  (1) the characteristics brought by the use of the environment: taking into account the arbitrary use of motor conditions, in addition to ETC and other devices used in specific places, the general car antenna should be no antenna. At present, is to actively promote the radio and TV receiver improvements, and some models of radio reception using two antennas, TV reception using 3 to 4 antennas. For the use of the environment, the antenna must have excellent water resistance, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., but also taking into account the safety, wind noise and the impact of vehicle modeling.

  (2) Features caused by vehicle construction: A single-axis antenna, which is the basis of the vehicle antenna, should have a length of 1/4 of the received radio wave, but the length of the antenna that can be mounted on the vehicle is only about 1 m.

  (3) Features brought by multimedia: A plurality of antennas should be installed at a limited position while considering the reception performance of the antenna, the interference between the antennas, the feasibility of the installation, and the appearance of the merchandise.

  (1) column antenna installed in the front column, can be divided into column and embedded in the column outside the column, its structure is simple, low cost, due to the use of inconvenience and unsightly, the use of gradually reduced, mainly for AM / FM radio.

  (2) car roof antenna installed in the top of the roof, due to the installation of the roof, by rotating hinges, rods can be freely adjusted tilt, as a radio receiver antenna, from the three-dimensional parking lot and shape to consider, 200mm below the antenna to use more, mainly for AM / FM radio and telephone.

  (3) electric antenna installed in the front fender and rear fender, driven by the motor, the rod can be automatically telescopic, divided into two kinds of radio linkage and manual, mainly for AM / FM radio.

  (4) windshield antenna installed in the rear windshield, side windshield, front windshield position, in the front windshield glass printed on the metal wire and become the antenna; because the antenna type can not make full use of the area, and caused by lack of sensitivity, the use of amplifiers Or to match the circuit; to shorten the development cycle, the past test method to modern development methods, the introduction of theoretical design methods; mainly for AM / FM radio, VICS, FM multiple, TV, telephone, remote control.

  (5) Fender whip antenna installed in the front fender and rear fender, in the front or rear fender fixed an antenna, and more in the North American car mounted, mainly for AM / FM radio.

  (6) The patch antenna is mounted on the dashboard and on the top of the dome, and the antenna is printed on the surface of the ceramic substrate and the antenna is connected between the ground plane of the back surface. It has a certain directivity, Use; GPS, VICS radio beacon, ETC.

  (7) The helical antenna is mounted on the top of the roof, and is composed of a coil-like antenna. There are two ways of generating a linearly polarized wave in the vertical plane of the shaft and in the axial direction. It is mainly used for AM / FM Radio, satellite radio.

  (8) Motor Homes Antenna horn antenna installed in the front grille, with the front end of the waveguide gradually outward expansion of the structure of the antenna, a round and rectangular two; in the direction perpendicular to the opening with a more sensitive direction; in GHz Frequency on the use of frequency; mainly used for microwave radar.

  (9) The sheet antenna is mounted on the front windshield, the side windshield and the rear windshield. The wires of the metal conductor are printed on the transparent sheet and attached to the windshield glass. It is mainly used for microwave radar.

  (10) diversity antenna installed in the pole + glass and glass + glass, for FM and TV, in order to prevent the channeling of the problem, so that more with the antenna work; due to a number of antennas, the cost is relatively high; AM / FM radio and TV.

  (11) composite antenna installed in the dashboard and the top of the top of the ceiling, a variety of media antenna with a collection in a box, to achieve a miniaturization and improve the aesthetic level; to Europe as the center, as a communication antenna, And GPS combination; due to the increase in the use of automotive media, is expected to gradually increase the use of the future, mainly for AM / FM radio, GPS, telephone, satellite radio, ETC.