History Of Motor Homes Antenna

History of Motor Homes Antenna
Although the various tasks to be performed by radio equipment are different, the role of the antenna in the equipment is basically the same. Any radio equipment is transmitted through radio waves, so there must be a device that can radiate or receive electromagnetic waves. Therefore, the first role of the antenna is to radiate and receive electromagnetic waves. Of course, something that can radiate or receive electromagnetic waves is not necessarily used as an antenna.
After the energy of the electromagnetic wave is radiated from the transmitting antenna, it will propagate forward in all directions of the ground surface. If a wire is placed in the alternating electromagnetic field, the alternating voltage - electromotive force is excited at both ends of the wire due to the magnetic field cutting of the wire. The frequency is the same as the frequency of the transmission. If the wire is connected to the receiver via a feeder line, the current of the modulated signal can be obtained in the receiver.
With the rapid development of wireless communications and the increasing demand for information, modern cars require more and more wireless service facilities, especially luxury cars. Car antenna manufacturers not only need a standard AM FM radio reception system, but also need TV reception, keyless entry, remote control, satellite navigation, mobile phones and future digital radio. Thus, the radio systems of these service facilities were generated, and the antenna served as a front-end equipment for the radio system and played a vital role in the overall system.
Car antenna manufacturers are we often see the radio antenna tail antenna, accept or strengthen the receiving signal, GPS antenna is usually a small black block, paste in the automotive dashboard and other fields. Some cars are using printed circuit antennas hidden above the front windshield, by contrast, a lot of pretty.
Why i think it is the same car antenna?
Mainly speaking is the car's external antenna, the radio antenna. Antenna can refer to mobile radio, mobile radio is a built-in antenna, you can also see the antenna received the signal, however, if you go to a more remote place the signal is not very stable, the acceptance effect is not obvious, the external antenna can enhance the signal impact.
Many countries in the world, people involved and hidden amateur radio, like to participate in the game, they wear uniforms, they feel the station area. Such activities have different names in different places, such as fox hunting, catching rabbits, amateurting directions, or simply asking for stations, in North America, most people drive to the station, but now more and more popular.