Antenna Function Of Car Satellite TV Antenna

Car Satellite TV Antenna Car satellite TV antenna antenna function. Car satellite TV antenna is installed in the car on a satellite antenna, car satellite TV antenna reception is to receive satellite transmission of television signals, as long as the effective coverage of the satellite signal area, can be effectively received , Is the real seamless link, which is the satellite TV mobile reception. Receiving satellite TV program is a kind of enjoyment, mobile satellite TV reception is the highest pursuit, imagine, no matter where you go, whether sitting in the car or on board , Can watch real-time broadcast of the TV program, it is how pleasant things ah. Mobile reception of the antenna is relatively "fixed", which is relative to the receiver in terms of satellites, must always be aligned with the satellite in order to receive Satellite TV signal, otherwise nothing can be received.

  Car Satellite TV Antenna Satellite antenna carrier (car or boat) as long as it is powered on (DC12V, on board), it will automatically find the location of the satellite, and always keep track, always keep pace with the satellite. Car satellite TV antenna for China's national conditions (the price is lower than similar products); the current Asia-Pacific region in orbit satellite, landing in China to meet the requirements of the satellites are: Asia Pacific 5, Asia Pacific 6, Asia No. 4, Mabu Hai 2 and Zhongxing 9 satellite. These high-power satellites have a number of live system signals, such as the Asia-Pacific 5, there are digital sky, Hong Kong cable, the Great Wall Asia platform, Yihua live; Asia Pacific No. 6 CBTV platform, China Broadcasting Network signal and education platform; Asia on the 4th Hong Kong wave signal; Mabuhai satellite on the dream of the Philippines live signal.

  Car Satellite TV Antenna Car satellite TV antenna can be used with GPS locator and RSSI signal strength analysis equipment to achieve high-speed shift in the search signal to the function of the antenna built-in multiple control motor. At the same time can watch more than 300 channels at home and abroad, and more television channels of television programs. Another up to 2Mbps confidential data communication, high-speed Internet access, VoIP communications, teleconferencing, WAN expansion, video broadcasting and other functions!