Advantages Of Car Satellite TV Antenna

Advantages of Car Satellite TV Antenna
Car Satellite TV Antenna can significantly improve the performance of wireless communication systems, improve system capacity. Embodied in the following areas:

Improve spectrum utilization. The use of Car Satellite TV Antenna technology instead of ordinary antenna, to improve the spectrum reuse rate within the district, you can not build or build less base stations based on the increase in system capacity and reduce operator costs.

Quickly solve the dense urban capacity bottlenecks. The future of the car satellite TV antenna should be able to allow any wireless channel with any beam pairing, so that on the need to allocate channels to ensure that the call blockage areas to obtain more channel resources, equivalent to increase the wireless network in such areas capacity.

Suppress interference signal. The car satellite television antenna performs spatial filtering on beams from all directions. It adjusts the excitation of each antenna element, optimizes the antenna array pattern, aligns the zero point to the interference direction, greatly improves the output ratio of the array, improves the system quality and improves the system reliability. For soft capacity CDMA systems, the improvement of the signal-to-interference ratio also means an increase in system capacity.

Anti-fading. High-frequency wireless communication is the main problem of signal decline, car satellite TV antenna or directional antenna will be due to fading signal distortion. If the satellite antenna is used to control the receiving direction, the directionality of the beam is adaptively formed, which can minimize the gain in the delay wave direction and reduce the influence of the signal fading. Car Satellite TV Antenna can also be used to collect and reduce fading.

To achieve mobile station positioning. The base station using the satellite satellite television antenna can obtain the spatial characteristic matrix of the received signal, thereby obtaining the power estimation and arrival direction of the signal. By this method, the user terminal can be positioned to a smaller area with two base stations. Since the cellular mobile communication system can only determine the cell in which the mobile station is located, the realization of the mobile station can make the new service related to the location be convenient to be introduced. The development of the new service is the current mobile operator to enhance the ARPU value and strengthen itself The inevitable means of competitiveness.