Future Technology Development Of Caravan Satellite TV Antenna

Future Technology Development of Caravan Satellite TV Antenna
In recent years, China's mobile communications has made remarkable achievements, built the world's largest 4G network, 5G network ready to go. By the end of 2016, the national 4G base station will reach nearly 3 million, of which China Mobile 1.5 million, China Telecom 800,000, China Unicom 700,000.
In all the 5G era of Internet, smart city, unmanned, no man factory, remote surgery --- 5G Imagination more and more clear. The blueprint of the 5G network is 100 times higher than the high speed of 4G, will reach 10 Gbit / s, less than 1 ms low latency, support more than 100 million connected high density and 1000 times the high capacity of 4G. On the one hand demand massive MIMO (large-scale array caravan satellite TV antenna technology) Caravan satellite TV antenna and integrated active caravan satellite TV antenna and other caravan satellite TV antenna system services in the macro base station, on the other hand ubiquitous The micro base station requires a high degree of integration between the Caravan Satellite TV Antenna and the base station equipment.
With the continuous development of mobile communication from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G, the Caravan Satellite TV Antenna has also experienced from the unipolar caravan satellite TV antenna, dual polarized caravan satellite TV antenna to smart caravan satellite TV antenna, MIMO caravan satellite TV antenna and even large-scale array caravan satellite TV antenna development process. Caravan antenna As a mobile communication network, the position of the perceived organ in the network is becoming more and more complicated, and the role is becoming more and more important.
The accuracy of the parameters of the base station caravan satellite TV antenna is of great significance to the operation and maintenance of the network. The current research mainly focuses on the three aspects: power supply and return of the AISG line of the satellite TV antenna of the electric caravan, Suitable for the new telephoto caravan antenna station; the use of solar or other means of power supply, the use of wireless back for the stock station and non-electric caravan satellite TV antenna base station; using manual posture instrument to collect data.
 Large-scale array caravan satellite TV antenna is one of the key technologies of 5G
5G network applications can be classified as continuous wide area coverage, hot high-capacity, low-power large connection and low latency and high reliability of the four major technical scenarios. Continuous wide area coverage and hot high-capacity scenarios mainly meet the 2020 and future mobile Internet business needs, but also the traditional 4G main technical scene. Low power consumption and low latency high reliability scene is mainly for the Internet of things business, is the 5G new expansion of the scene, focusing on traditional mobile communication can not be a good way to support the Internet of things and vertical industry applications.
Due to the active characteristics of the massive MIMO caravan satellite TV antenna, it is difficult to test the performance of the caravan antenna. To this end, China Mobile Design Institute has developed a large-scale array caravan satellite TV antenna integrated simulation analysis platform for the evaluation of the equipment manufacturers 5G Caravan satellite TV antenna performance
For multi-frequency multi-port caravan satellite TV antenna, due to mutual coupling effect, may make the adjacent channel RF signal coupled to the measured channel, which introduces f3 signal, so f1 and f2 signals to produce more complex intermodulation signal , The existing method can not reflect this effect. Although the f3 signal may be weaker than the f1 and f2 signals due to the isolation, but the level of its intermodulation product is at what level, there is no conclusion.