This Is What You Need For 2-axis Marine Antenna Knowledge

This is what you need for 2-axis Marine Antenna knowledge
2-axis Marine Antenna as a radio transmission and reception equipment is the impact of signal strength and quality of the important equipment, its importance in the field of mobile communications is critical. Through the 2-axis Marine Antenna selection, antenna installation, 2-axis Marine Antenna adjustment to protect the base station coverage area of the signal strength and quality. The degree of mastery is one of the basic requirements of the skills of the network rules and network optimization engineers. The following focuses on what aspects of the 2-axis Marine Antenna and its principles and effects.
1 What is a 2-axis Marine Antenna?
A: As shown in the figure, the 2-axis Marine Antenna converts the electrical signal transmitted by the device into electromagnetic waves. 2-axis Marine Antenna with transceiver function, the use of the field may exist a 2-axis Marine Antenna only to receive with
Description: 2-axis Marine Antenna to convert the electric field into a magnetic field to form the electromagnetic wave to send the signal, reverse the magnetic field is converted into an electric field and then transmitted to the device through the line, thus forming a wireless signal transmission and reception.
2 mobile communication base station with what 2-axis Marine Antenna?
Description: The feeder network is the transmission of electrical signals sent to the 2-axis Marine Antenna elements of the line, there are three microstrip lines, coaxial cable, air board line, the production process and the use of materials on the 2-axis Marine Antenna Performance is great. General 2-axis Marine Antenna in addition to the design factor is the main difference between the production process and material differences. The general scene a lot of problems 2-axis Marine Antenna are using a poor material.
6.1 Mechanical properties
Description: Mechanical performance indicators in the selection according to the use of the scene of the natural environment and installation environment to choose the appropriate 2-axis Marine Antenna.
6.2 Electrical performance
Description: Electrical performance is a key factor in the performance of a 2-axis Marine Antenna that affects the impact of wireless signals on 2-axis Marine Antennas. It is the basic element of network problems caused by 2-axis Marine Antennas when the 2-axis Marine Antenna is selected and the network optimization engineer locates the network problem. Net excellent engineers must master !!!
1) gain
It is impossible to amplify the signal because the 2-axis Marine Antenna is a passive device, that is, no energy conversion, it is impossible to amplify the signal. So here the gain represents the degree of energy concentration of the signal and the efficiency of the conversion.
Note: The site is now due to the lack of resources on the installation of the antenna feed, are in the 2-axis Marine Antenna to share the use of the process must be concerned about the shared use of the 2-axis Marine Antenna its power margin is allowed.
6) intermodulation
Description: Intermodulation is simply talking about multiple signals through the same device or line due to the performance of the device or line problems caused by the interaction between the signal to participate in the new signal, the new signal for the intermodulation signal. The new signal will interact with the original signal again into the new signal, first order, second order, third order, fourth order, fifth order and so on; the third and fifth order greater impact.