Marine Satellite TV Antenna M45

Marine Satellite TV Antenna M45
Product Details

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Usage:Ship Antenna M45

  • Usage Occasion:Ship Antenna

  • Material:Steel Plate

  • Base Antenna:TV Antenna

  • Nature of Operation:Receiving Antenna

  • Sturcture Form:Surface Antenna

  • Dimensionality:Two-Dimensional Antenna

Product Description
The antenna has two motors to control the elevation and the azimuth when the vehicle is parking or driving. There are two Gyro. in the PCB, they can read the ship drive locus to adjust the antenna so as to direct the satellite. GPS is build in the antenna that can automatically control the skew. Four satellites may be written into the controller, the client can increase one satellite or change one satellite all by himself.

1.There is one 45cm dish  in the cover.
2 It can quickly track satellite in 60 seconds at the first time.
3.It can output MPEG2,MPEG4,H.264 Type video picture, compatible for DVB-S2.
4.It can receive satellite TV in the area over 49dBw.
5.It can work in the ocean and the river when the ship sails Roll /Pitch at .
6.Three motors included to control antenna's azimuth, elevation and polarization.
7. Build- in GPS.
8.Gyro. included so at to record the ship's driving locus and the satellite may be tracked by the antenna immediately.  

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