Function of satellite antenna

Generally speaking, the larger the antenna aperture, the stronger the signal of the program, the higher the quality of the reception. But taking into account the cost, installation and other factors, the user requires the antenna aperture, the smaller the better. Such as the Zhongwei 3S C band antenna to Asian domestic digital program only 1.5M or less to receive high quality image and sound. And the bands of Ku programs, such as Han live satellite only 0.6M or 0.35M Zhongwei can offset antenna. USB TV box to receive the same program, some different brands, the same antenna size was not competent, the reason is the quality and precision of the antenna is not high, will lead to the low efficiency, the gain is low, so the choice of satellite antenna must choose jonsa such reliable quality, sophisticated technology, high precision of brand-name manufacturers of products. A high quality satellite antenna requires high precision, high efficiency, high efficiency, high gain and high durability. In the enthusiasts and many users, Taiwan satellite antenna with the same price of the best quality; the same quality the lowest price is recognized as universal quality products, south of an individual user to buy a 1.5m satellite antenna, after heavy rain and storm invasion has the surface paint intact, no deformation, the intact.