85cm Fully Automatic Antenna For Motor Homes

Product Details

Fully Automatic Positional Satellite TV Antennas 85cm

Dotogo A series antenna, it is very easy to install, when not in use the antenna folds down, and when needed it will pop up and lock onto the correct Satellite.


Tri-axis Motorization Fully Automated Control System, Include Auto Skew Control

Built-in GPS Enables Faster Lock Onto Satellite Within A Few Seconds

Supports Manual Control 

Auto Shut Down On Vehicle Startup

One-button, Auto-Pointing Controller Acquires Satellite Within 2 Minutes

User Interface Gives You Control At Your Fingertips On Any Mobile Device(Android,iPhone,iPad) or Computer

DiSEqC 1.2 Function Available (Automatic Satellite Switching Using Receiver)

One-button Change Target Satellite

Water-resistant Flat Surface with Drain , Sealed Onboard Electronics

Heavy Duty Feed Arm, Incredible Strong Gear Box

Built-in DVB Signal Identification 

Built-in Global Satellite Library

Real-time Monitor

Upgradable Firmwar


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